Top 10 Tips For a Stress Free Wedding

There’s nothing worse than a stressed out couple on their wedding day. Emotions run high, expectations run higher, and things may not go exactly as planned. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled 10 tips to help you avoid any meltdowns and ensure your day is nothing but the wedded bliss you deserve!

Hire a Planner

If you can hire a planner, do it! There are so many moving parts during wedding planning that having a pro to guide you through the process is worth its weight in gold. Not only do they help you plan but they’re on site the day of to make sure your day runs smoothly and stress free. Not having to worry about anything on your wedding day is priceless.

Trust in Your Pros

You’ve done your research, hired your dream team, and still have a lot of decisions to make. What time is best for photos? What music will pack the dance floor? For these and any other question you can think of, there’s a vendor to help you. We love when you ask and are honored to help you plan your day. Ask your pros for advice along the way and the day of you can sit back and know your people have set you up for success.

Identify Your Top 3

Fallen into a Pinterest black hole and feeling overwhelm at all the cute ideas out there? Save your sanity and your credit cards by chatting with your partner about what matters most to you. Stay on track and in budget by splurging on your top 3 priorities and making quicker decisions on the others.

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Limit the DIY

When planning your wedding, you should get very comfortable asking for and accepting help from your people. It’s tempting to tack on to dos in the name of frugality but that year to plan goes quicker than you know. Sure a night with your ladies drinking wine and dying fabrics sounds like a blast, just remember to keep it simple. Only take to task the projects that you know won’t stress you out and let someone else do the others.


You may be sensing a trend here but this wedding tip still deserves its own point! When in doubt, cut it out. Keep the guest list exclusive, opt for an easy dress to bustle, and have the entire event at one venue. By streamlining the logistics of your day, your day will be easy, breezy and beautiful.

Cultivate Positivity

Surround yourself with the good people. Invite your best, kindest, and funniest friends to be in the wedding party. When something goes awry, they’ll be there before you even know it happened. Everyone takes their cues from you so keep it light, don’t sweat the small stuff, and love on your support system. As long as you get married, that’s all that truly matters.

Prep for Family Photos

There’s nothing more stressful than having everyone together and ready to take a photo when someone yells out, “WAIT! Where’s Jimmy?!”. Then the manhunt ensues and valuable time ticks away while you stand there helpless. Coordinate ahead of time with everyone who will be in formal photos and assign someone from each family to help make sure everyone is where they should be. Less time chasing people down means more time for you to enjoy your wedding!


Prioritize Self Care

Stress tends to pop up unexpectedly and you’re better able to shut it down when you’re at 100%. Nourish yourself, move your body, and take time to just be. Go on a date and agree to not talk about the wedding. Don’t let it take over your life at the expense of your health. Oh yeah, and make sure you stay well hydrated and get good sleep the night before. You’ll feel (and look) your best!

Consider a First Look

On the fence about seeing each other before the ceremony? In my experience, this modern tradition is practical and, oh, so romantic. On a day when you’re pulled a million different directions, a little extra time alone together is exactly what you need.

Maintain Perspective

Yes it’s a huge deal and one of the happiest days in your life, but it’s not the last. This new chapter is part of a bigger story that is your love. Try to remember this if things don’t turn out quite like you had expected. When you keep your perspective, you’ll have the best day possible and will start your marriage off on the right foot.

xx Shannon

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